Blue Swirls with Stars~


Hello~! And welcome to Arashi no Rakuen also known as Arashi's Paradise!!

This is my paradise that I created to post my scanlations and fansubbed works.

I fansub the entire episodes after I get translations from my friends. So spot translation, editing, timing, typesetting, encoding, uploading and mirroring are all done by me unless credited otherwise in the posts :3

I do hope it goes without saying that you'll all abide to the Arashi rules of:
☆ NOT hotlinking
☆ NOT redistributing
☆ NOT reposting
☆ NOT selling
☆ NOT streaming
☆ NOT mentioning LJ or this community on any official channel or SNS.

NOTE: Please be aware that only LIVEJOURNAL accounts are accepted.

MEMBERSHIP STATUS: Membership is MODERATED and being maintained by arashiproject.

In order to join this community, please leave a friendly comment and click the 'join' button.
If you've been rejected or realise you still haven't been accepted after a week or two, please re-apply because you probably forgot one of these two steps.

Several people have inquired if they can have our softsubs or use our subs to be translated into other languages.

No, we do not provide softsubs because we do not want them to be misused, nor do we want our subs to be translated into other languages due to liberties taken to allow the sentences to flow coherently.
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